Facebook Became No.1 Social Network!

How To Enjoy In This Massive Social Networking Website

Facebook is the most popular and known social network that almost represents a synonym for social networking. It was released in 2004 by Mark Zuckenberg, and in the beginning only Harvard university students were able to use it, but as time has passed Facebook became what it is today. Today Facebook (or pirater compte Facebook)has about 750 million active users. It is used all around the world, except in some countries like China, Iran, Vietnam (and few other). Facebook users should not be younger than 13 years, but that is just one of many things that is not as it should be, on this social network.

great facts about facebook

Privacy question has been there since first information was uploaded to Facebook. Now, in year 2015, privacy is really at the point, and it is made that way you can control almost everything. Sharing information with certain person(s), or hiding it from them, let all the people know you are user, or don’t allow it to anyone (except…). Most safe way to use it is to allow just friends to see what you have posted (needlessly to say that first you need to know who your Facebook friends are in real life). When you have solved privacy concerns, it is time to let yourself enjoy this social network. Add friends, family, and maybe even some interesting acquaintances. Simply chat with them, share photos, videos, and music. You just saw good news on online news? Feel free to share them with your Facebook friends, and wait to see comments and are they also liking it.

How useful is to have profile on the Facebook?

It is good option to get notifications about events near you that your friends are going to visit. Also, if you allow Facebook to notify you (and you certainly should) you won’t ever forget someone’s birthday, anniversary, or any other kind of friend’s important event again. Check in (share your location if traveling or just on some interesting place and you want everyone to know), share how you feel at certain moment, or just write what is on your mind and let friends discuss it. If you have smartphone and you want to enjoy this social network at its best, just go to App or Google play store, and in few simple steps download Facebook app for free (and, of course, use it for free). But wait! Don’t forget Messenger app, for instant messaging with your Facebook friends, and enjoy best experience that this social network team has to offer you, so far. When it comes to disturbing other people, posting inappropriate and offensive contents, Facebook has no mercy. It is made to help you with communication and if you use it for any kind of bad things that is just not okay. Chances are very big that you will be blocked by some people, but also your profile might be deleted by Facebook team (rightfully).